Welcome to HOTEL CHIQUI Santander

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Welcome to HOTEL CHIQUI Santander

Located in the most beautiful corner of the  Sardinero Beach, the Hotel Chiqui Santander allows you to enjoy a spectacular view of the Palacio de la Magdalena, la Isla de Mouro y el Abra del Sardinero.

An unforgettable experience in any of its 172 rooms with a view over the Cantabrian Sea, full of natural light, an impeccable decoration and exquisite gastronomy.

Warmth, closeness and services such as an arranged Spa, room-service, parking, free Wi-fi, laundry, emergency medical care, private dining-rooms, meeting-rooms adequate for any kind of event and celebration, organized excursions, and catering service,  will provide all that is necessary to enjoy unforgettable moments.


3 reasons to stay with us

The first infinity pool in Santander
Enjoy our breakfast buffet, you will find everything you want
Located in the beachfront of the Sardinero Beach